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Brooke Army Medical Center (2004)


I guess we thank God every day for our children being safe and healthy and after this visit, I went home, showered and cried. This visit touched us in such a way you could never imagine, and these young men will forever be in our hearts.


We were invited to Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio Texas to visit with the soldiers that have been wounded in "Operation Enduring Freedom" (Afghanistan) and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (Iraq). These soldiers doing their jobs, to keep us safe at home.


These boys were our own children. Nothing like our children we see every day. They have been burned by explosions and they have paid the price for our freedom. Some of them had lost limbs, some of them, their burns were so bad, and it made me cry just to even talk to them. My mind would tell me this was things you would see in a movie, these boys weren’t real. But they were.


And even with the thoughts we had, our sympathies about their looks, their attitudes were wonderful, and were in high spirits, and were filled with smiles when we entered the room. They all wanted to see us. They were happy and excited. They thanked us for being there, and delivering what we could to help them heal, and yet all we could do was thank them for what they have done for us.


These children, ages 19-25 were soldiers. They were happy about Santa and the helpers from USAF School of Aerospace Medicine and their spirits were higher than I could ever imagine them being. I will never understand how strong these boys really are. We delivered stockings of things they could use, to help them heal, to entertain them while they were recovering. Boxes of balls for therapy, and many other exercise items, along with toys they could play while being bed-rest and while they are confined to the hospital. I had to wear a mask on several occasions before I entered into the rooms, since many were open wounds. Some of them only saw me while I waited outside, because they were so serious, they couldn’t have visitors in their rooms. The military that escorted us in the hospital had plenty to say about these young men in the military, but with me by their side, that was plenty for me. I knew about these young men in my heart already.


I was able to visit quite a few, we visited the physical therapy room, and the computer lab and we thanked each one of them individually. We told them our prayers would always be with them, and wished them a speedy recovery.


I know when we left the hospital; all was quiet with our helpers and with the Ms and me as well. There wasn’t much to say as we tried to re-think the reality of what we saw. As I was holding back my own tears, and only asking "My God, ...Why?"


These are definitely some fine young men. And as I arrived back at home, I showered, I cried. These boys touched our hearts, and they will be in our memories forever. "GOD BLESS THEM EVERY ONE - -FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR US."



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