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Christmas Memories (2004)




And in one Christmas Eve, starting at 4am, we drove to Victoria Texas and once we arrived, we wrapped and delivered toys to two children’s hospitals helping out the Marines, Toys for Tot's program. (Yes, we made the front page of the Victoria paper – for the second time this year).


As we drove around Victoria, visiting other families and friends, snow flurries? Snow flurries all over the town. Did Santa bring the snow with him as well to South Texas?..


But before I go further, all the kids were so excited to see Santa and Mrs. Even the 'big kids' – were way excited all day. The surprised look on their faces as we delivered toys to them, their hugs, their kisses. Their cookies!!. The look on their faces, their moms and dads, the look on their faces will never be forgotten, and could never be replaced.


With about an hour left before we started our evening visits, squeezing in those last minute callers that asked if we could give up just 10 minutes of our time to visit with them. The first visits paid us back with two big bags of toys that they wanted to donate back to Santa. Wow –it’s all in the giving, isn’t it? As we see a few more families, we have a backseat sleigh full of toys and candies and food. It definitely is a sleigh full now!!


We visited 9 families this Christmas Eve, starting at 6pm. The looks on the faces are priceless. And we bring out the child in all of us when we visit. We all become kids at Christmas, and there is no replacing the eyes of a child. We have so much fun. When tey hear Santa’s HO HO HO as we enter into his home, they pass out hugs, and cookies and kisses and thank yous and all. Everything is so exciting. We received as much as we gave out. Candy, baked breads, cookies, and gifts. The parents couldn’t thank us enough for what we did, and we felt all we did was something for fun.


When we finally arrive at 130 Christmas morning, our little elves (Erin and Nathan( had to help us unload our sleigh. There was just so much donated back to us.


Santa made the trip around the world this Christmas Eve, no more than normal, I guess – but we saw England, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia. As we stop to get a hot chocolate and coffee on the way home, the family from Africa stop us for pictures. We have our drinks, they buy us our drinks, and thank us for doing what we do.


And south of us, in South Texas, A WHITE CHRISMAS ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. What a great experience for our friends and family.


No matter how or what. Kids are what Christmas is all about. After all the blessings we received, there were none as precious than the children’s smiles that night. We are truly blessed.


Thanks to all who shared this Christmas with us and yes – we will be ready for next year


CLAUS - 2004


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