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My Christmas Wish(2006)


Is to have all my family and friends – healthy and happy. And I pray for many many more years to share with all of them.


For this Christmas, I will wake up Christmas morning with no children at home and I know it will be a "Silent Night' so to speak. I will miss the morning rituals, and the morning noise – but it’s ok. I know our children our safe and happy.


If I have hurt feelings in anyway in my past, or present – I ask forgiveness. As time passes with each of us, we all get older, we all get wiser, and sometimes we look back on the past and realize we could have done things differently. We also look to where we are now, and know that we couldn't be who we are today –without those trials and tribulations. So forgive me – forgive me for saying the wrong things, for breaking a heart, or not mending the hurt, or forgetting to keep you on top of my list. Forgive me for doing things the wrong way, or not the way you thought I should have.


My children are my biggest blessings in my life. My family is what has made me and kept me strong through all the years. My friends have stood by me – through thick and thin. I thank God daily for his choices he gave to me. He placed me with the best family of all. He placed me with the best children of all. He has given me the best friends that anyone could ever ask of. And I Thank God.


For all those military and other members of our families that are in far off places because of their choices to protect and serve us, to keep us free. God Bless them everyone. For all of us who have loved and lost those truly dear – it is always harder at Christmas time to really miss someone so much – you just want to reach out and hold them -- hold them so tight –that even God couldn’t take them away. But we should always know, no matter where they are – that we love them so much – and we miss them even more –even more when we are lonely.


We have been blessed with health and happiness. We have been blessed with each other. We have been blessed because of you. THANK YOU for being such a big part in our life. But it is my Christmas wish this year – for all of us to think of others. As we always do – but this year there are those special requests. These are some of those “Santa Moments” I really wanted to share. May you add some to your list and to your prayers.


- For those love and lost – at war – or in other ways. For those left behind here to miss those loved ones so much. For the family that stopped us at a service station, to take a picture with Santa, because their grandmother had just passed away, and she just wanted them to have a quick smile.


- For a child’s wish to Santa – to have Santa take his seizures away, and so he would never have another seizure again.


- For the little boy who found out his mom has terminal cancer and asked Santa “if there was one more miracle in your bag”


- For the little girl who wants to meet her daddy – He’s in the war – and she doesn’t even remember him and wants him to come home so she can see who her daddy is.


- For the little girl – to really really believe in the spirit of Christmas so much – that all she asks for is a bell from Santa’s sleigh, (and we provided) – so her doubts of what Christmas really means – won’t be lost.


- For the elders, who just want to be healthy and happy this year.


- For the young boys and girls – who just want a candy cane and want to sit in Santa’s lap so they can laugh at themselves.


- For the “Any Baby Can” family – with 5 children – 2 of them twins, with nothing under her paper ornamented tree for her children. Barely making ends meet, and as we unloaded toys and clothes and items for them, the smiles on her children’s faces to know that “Santa really does exists”. And as we leave her home, she tells us “God Bless us” when all we really want is for God to bless her and her family.


- For the family we see every year – with this year being such a hard year. She had been sick and out of work mostly all year. Her oldest daughter just being glad her mother was still here with her this year. Mom was so unhappy that she couldn’t do a children’s party as she usually does – but then remembered we visit anyone - and called us so we could still do a visit with her family – because all she wanted was her kids to smile again at the sight of seeing Santa -


- For the children that remember Santa year to year – and always bring hugs and small paper gifts, and items that show they really do believe For all the smiles and tears that Santa and I saw this year. (and in year’s past) For all those moments that could never be replaced or paid for. This is what Christmas is really all about. To know how well we are blessed – to know that others aren’t as lucky or fortunate – but are still blessed in so many ways. In our past – we have seen many different types of families - heard many requests – heard many prayers -- and each and every one of them – are with us still today.


As the Christmas Story is told around the world and we all remember why we celebrate – it’s because of God’s love – it’s because of the wonderful birth of our Savior Jesus Christ – and it’s because of all the love and happiness that we can continue to add in each other’s lives. "GOD BLESS US EACH AND EVERY ONE" and may your family be just blessed in one way or the other this season.


May all your dreams and wishes come true. Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good night. From us to you –


Author – MCLEROY2006 – Mrs Claus


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