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Fun Facts about Santa Claus


"Santa Claus is a 'Spirit of Christmas' and is not a substitute for the true meaning of Christmas. A Christ child was born in the town of Bethlehem and we call him Jesus. It is for this birth, we celebrate Christmas - a time of sharing, caring, giving and receiving. A time of a never ending love - Tell the children the true meaning of Christmas."

Thank you, God Bless, Santa and the Mrs.

  • The reindeer names: Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Donder Blitzen Cupid Comet and Rudolph
  • The reindeer pulling the sleigh are all females – since male reindeer generally shed their antlers long before Dec 25 – females retain their antlers through January.  Both male and female grow antlers – in case you didn’t notice that in this sentence.
  • Santa has special Male reindeer (bulls) which are used for breeding purposes. These reindeer are not used to fly the sleigh, but only for breeding.
  • What makes Santa’s reindeer fly? Long ago, Santa Claus and the elves discovered the special formula of Magical Reindeer dust which makes them fly. This dust is sprinkled on each of the reindeer shortly before they leave Christmas Eve. It gives them enough magic to fly right around the world. They can fly very fast – at about the speed of a Christmas light.
  • The Reindeer driven by Santa Claus are the only known flying Reindeer in existence. Besides the magic dust, Santa’s reindeer are fed a “special” diet throughout the year which helps give them the power of flight.  This “Magic” corn is given to Santa by a great and wonderful Wizard. Through this magic corn, the strength of the Reindeer is increased threefold, their stamina increased to infinity and their hooves can manipulate the air as though it were solid ground.
  • Santa’s family is Mrs Claus, all the elves and everyone who believes in him is part of his special family.
  • Mrs Claus’ full name is Jessica Mary Claus. Her mother picked her middle name after the mother of Jesus.
  • Mrs Claus made Santa’s suit RED from the very first day he started to deliver toys on Christmas Eve and he has worn it ever since.  Red is a bright and cheerful color which fits Santa’s personality very well.
  • Santa can speak all languages. Especially on Christmas Eve.
  • There will never be a shortage of elves.  No one knows exactly how many elves there are. Elves are such fast little beings, and they are rarely ever all in the same place at the same time- so it’s most difficult to count them. New Christmas elves and other kinds of elves are born frequently.  When the last rays of the evening sun meet with the Northern Lights, the wind is from the North and the stars are shining, that’s when elves are born.
  • All the elves are named. Common names, funny names – any kind of name you can think of – an elf also has that name.
  • Not all  Elves have pointed ears. It’s the same thing as some cows have horns some don’t. Some elves have genetic dispositions that make their ears pointed while others don’t.
  • Elves eat food – all kinds of food. Elves love the sugar cookies and the candy canes Ms Claus makes. They eat lots of fish. Elves even loves peas. And salad is a delicacy for them, because at the North Pole, the weather is so bad they can’t grown their own vegetables. So they love salad and fruits of all kinds.
  • In one respect – the Elves are Santa’s Children – the same that everyone who believes in Santa are considered his children.
  • How many Santa’s are there? Only one. That’s me.
  • Who are Santa’s helpers?  Two kinds of spiritual helpers. Flying reindeer and the elven.  The Reindeer transport me and my luggage around the world.  The elves help me year around to care for my duties. My first lieutenant is my Chief Elf. I have human helpers as well. People who feel the presence of the Child and Santa in their hearts.
  • Is Rudolph’s nose really red?  YES IT IS. And it is shining. The reason as to this phenomenon is unclear but we feel that he is a sensitive animal and his nose reacts to the weather.  The other reindeer have no red noses. Blitzen is fast and Dancer likes a little step every now and then. Cupid is the humorist of the bunch. All of them are good fliers which is really essential in this business.
  • Is Santa Immortal? Yes – to a degree. If people believe in me, I exist. If there is no belief, then I could be discontinued.
  • Once the reindeer reach maturity, there is a tendon in their ankles that actually 'pop" when the walk, making a clicking noise - on all four feet. It isn't painful or harmful to the reindeer, it just "clicks"...henceforth the song "upon the rooftop Click, Click Click"