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Our elves are working hard to bring thousands of toys for children around the world! Have you been good lately?




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Hints for Making a Memory


Thank you for selecting Santa and Mrs. Claus in San Antonio. To help you in making Santa’s visit a most enjoyable event, here are some simple rules to think about!


  1. Have your camera/s ready. Be sure to have all the film, videotape and batteries necessary to take all the photos you want. Be sure to recharge your batteries.
  2. Have your gifts ready. Santa can carry presents for children or guests. They should be well labeled. We suggest a large black marking pen and writing directly on the gift, as tags can easily fall off.
  3. Reserve a special parking place for Santa. It should be as close as possible to where he is appearing. If he parks down the street or around the corner and has to walk all the way to your event, he might be a bit winded when he gets there. And remember, he’s wearing a heavy velvet suit that gets very hot, (even in December). If the visit is at your home, leave an opening at the end of your driveway. If your event is at a company facility, office building or hotel, try to make arrangements for Santa to park in a valet or loading area.
  4. Get everyone together before Santa enters. You should receive several phone calls before the arrival date and right of the event to keep you informed. On the day of your event, and right before, make sure everyone is ready!
  5. Have a sturdy chair for Santa to sit in. Santa usually likes a chair that is sturdy and stable. A good straight-back dining chair works well. Santa likes to sit-up or on the edge of the chair. He should be able to sit comfortably while having the children on his knee and taking pictures.
  6. Place the Chair near your Christmas tree or in a holiday setting. You want good photo shots!
  7. Think about photos with everyone. Yes, Santa will take pictures with everyone. The teenager, Grandma, Grandpa...Santa can walk around and get photos with all; you want your memories on camera!
  8. If there is a balance or payment due to Santa, place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It never looks appropriate when someone gives cash to Santa. You can give us the envelope/card right as we are leaving
As always –if there are any questions you have, or you need to talk to Santa and/or Mrs. before your event, please don’t hesitate to call. Remember – it all began because of a child……