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Through the Eyes of Mrs. Claus (2013)

I know, I know. Who is Mrs. Claus? After all, Santa Claus is THE ONE…the one they can’t wait to see. The one who keeps them awake on Christmas Eve with so much excitement. Santa Claus gets to ride in the sleigh, and bring in the toys. Santa Claus gets the milk and cookies. Santa gets to inspect all the toys, and talk to all the children and get his picture taken and…and….and…


Hi, I am Mrs. Claus, and let me tell you a few things from my eyes.

First of all, yes, Santa has a schedule. Every morning, every evening, and coming Christmas, that schedule gets even harder to keep up with and more things happen. After all, we have to get him ready for that big trip on that Christmas Eve around the world.


Yes there are elves, but the final touches come from the world through my eyes. Measuring to make sure he hasn’t gained an inch or two, suits to be cleaned and altered, boots to be polished, cookies and milk, beard all neatly trimmed, hair all trimmed, more cookies and milk, fur all white as snow, jingle bells all working, cookies and milk, his Naughty and Nice list is all in order, his little gifts are ready to hand out to children who see him, cookies and milk, check his schedule….you see where I am going with this?


For me. I wouldn’t change one tiny little thing.


Yes, Santa gets all the credit. Santa gets told how great he looks, and all the thanks, but deep down, that good old saying ‘Behind every good man, is a woman telling him what to do (OOPS) I mean helping him along the way” is just the beginning of what I see and do. Oh, what fun it is to ride in the sleigh! Christmas music in the air. People smiling and laughing, and waving and taking our pictures. We feel so special!!! Thank you!!


We do have to eat, of course. So let’s stop and grab a bite, only to have someone pay our tab and tell us no charge. WOW…your offerings come in so many shapes and sizes.


It’s all about all of you, but for me, when it all comes down to it, it’s all about the child. Maybe some childhood memories are always brought back for us and Christmas does bring out the child in all of us, but Christmas is definitely about the child.


It’s not only Christmas, it’s during the whole year. To a disaster area, where families and children have lost everything. Taking toys for the children that sometimes are often forgotten about during this terrible hard time. Yes, the world of human beings is a world of compassionate people who bring in clothes, shoes, blankets, bedding, and food…But we brought toys. Tell the child to pick anything they want. Fill up the bag. Take as many toys as they want. As Santa walks around with the children, I see the kids smiling and laughing and hugging. With a room full of toys, I see kids just being kids and forgetting all about the terrible that just happened in their life. I see the little boy who runs to the table of Legos and get the exact one he wants. The little girl run to the dolls and grab that one doll and hold on to her so tightly. You see, it was just like her favorite doll she lost in the disaster. The parents stand back and watch. Let Santa feel all that excitement as he does. Meanwhile, I sit back and watch, and then I feel the tears filling up my eyes, and slowly falling down my cheek. Oh the fun of a parade, fire truck and a helicopter flight for the grand entrance. Wow the excitement I feel being a part of this is so much, I can’t imagine the excitement Santa feels. But the arrival, no matter how we get there, the arrival is always the greatest part. It’s Unique. It’s touching. It’s unbelievable. All the kids run to greet Santa and squeeze him to where he almost topples over. They are all hollering, “Santa over here, look at me”, and yes, some of the older children who know who I am, will save a hug for me. But Santa can barely walk, because the children are all about him, telling him things, all talking at the same time, and trying to get his personal attention even before he even gets to take very many steps.


Meanwhile, I see the kid’s excitement. I see the AWE and I feel their laughter. It’s so full of…I don’t know…Wonder, and Emotion. And yes, that emotion once again, makes my heart beat louder, and faster, and then there it goes, my eyes are once again, filled with all that ..Through the children…through my cloudy eyes. What is wrong with me that when the child is so full of this excitement, I am in AWE and in disbelief. It just makes me feel like “WOW” …there are no words for me to feel the way I do with the children feeling the way they do.


Santa sees the kids, he listens to what they want for Christmas, and he poses for the pictures and smiles.


I see a man talking to a child, listening to every word the child says. It is as if that is the only child in the room right now. I see how the child’s eyes are full of excitement and sparkle and they are looking into Santa’s eyes to see him, some of them to check to see if it’s really him. They are looking at his beard, his eyes, his glasses, and they are double checking everything. Yet when they are finished talking, they give him a hug so big, I know. I know they SEE Santa Claus. I know they feel the Christmas excitement, and I know they believe. And believing in Santa Claus is not all I see, but I see the belief in Christmas, and it’s meaning of loving, sharing, family, friends, giving, and celebrating life to its fullest, but I see the TRUE magic of Christmas happen, right before my eyes.


When Santa delivers a present, and the child gets exactly what they asked for, it’s like "How did Santa know?" Well, most likely they wrote a letter, or told their parents, or gave Santa a visit and told him in person. But when they actually get it……it’s like they doubted for just a minute, and then all the doubt disappeared. The look of surprise when they opened it, and “WOW” is all over their little faces.


On Christmas morning, looking into the magic globe, seeing a child wake up, full of excitement, telling their moms and dads to get up, and then to find that special present Santa left them during the night. The happiness of the children could make the world glow for centuries.


This is what I learn from all this. You can feel the magic in a child’s hug. You can have your heart broken by a child’s tears. You can never explain the true magic of Christmas. It just happens and you know exactly when it does.


No matter what the day starts out with, by the end of the night it is all comes down to this. Blessings, Smiles, and memories.


No matter what, when all is said and done, it was worth every minute. Every moment. Every hug and yes every tear.


~~~mcleroy 2013 -- From the heart of Mrs. Claus~~~~


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