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Numbered Days (2016)

If you knew how many days you had left on this earth, how would you spend them?


Depending on how you were or are raised, this question can be answered in so many ways. As a Christian, it can still be answered in different ways. As Santa, I can only grant the wishes, that I can – after that – my Christian values set and all I can say is “I’ll pray for you” or “I’ll pray with you”. 

So on many occasions I go home, and I can get ready for bed, and never think about if I have a tomorrow. I think about all the things I have to do tomorrow, but very seldom do I actually think, what if there was not a tomorrow.


So yes, tonight? I would get the sleigh cleaned and ready, feed and groom the reindeers, check my list – twice, to ensure the kids around the world get what they need. I have elves, but as any good pilot knows, sometimes it is good to just double check to make sure all is ready. You don’t want to be caught with any surprises once lift off has taken flight.


So if I didn’t get it done? What would happen tomorrow when God has decided I don’t get a tomorrow?


How can we count on days ahead, when we really don’t know when those days, or that day, could be our last?


Yes, I know. Santa is immortal. He can’t die. He has to live forever. He is in the hearts and minds of all the children all over the world. He gives them hope, and gives them a smile, and the rooms fill with laughter, and the families are together, together in love, and in peace, and in happiness. Oh the joy that fills the homes. Oh the joy, that fills the children’s hearts. Santa tries to make to all those wishes come true. Oh and he does try. If only every day was like Christmas, right?


Life happens so fast. The children grow. The children become parents, and remember, they will learn from you. So it is up to you, to ensure they have the values that is needed to be that better parent. Teach them patience. Teach them love. Teach them how to laugh, love and how to live each day. Teach them to call their parents and tell them how much they are loved, because a parent is never to old to hear “I LOVE YOU” and a child is never too little to hear “I LOVE YOU” either.


One day you look around, and you are the oldest in the room and you wonder while looking back – where did that time go? Life happens way to fast.


So do everything you can. Live your life to the fullest. Live your life like today is your last day on the earth. Love beyond measure. Laugh until you cry. Live like you don’t know what lies in the next few minutes. Dance. Kneel down on your knees to thank God every chance, and then stand up, proudly, Stand to be strong, stand –not to be alone. Stand for what you believe in, and shout it out the heavens. And then kneel again and ask for that extra strength. Be humble. Be kind. Hug. Kiss. Embrace the life that was given to you. And live life without any regrets.


As a mortal, would you want to know you wouldn’t be here tomorrow? Would you want to know exactly how many days you have left on this earth? How would you spend those days?


If tomorrow never comes?


Be with your family, those that are most important to you. Family is the most important thing God gave us. So we wouldn’t be alone when our days are numbered. So we would know we are loved. So when we close our eyes to the final dawn, we could say to ourselves “ Look at everything grand that happened in my life…I have been truly blessed”


Yes, I have been blessed by God, and look at everything GRAND that has happened in my life.


~~~mcleroy 2016 –mrs claus~~~


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