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Where Have All the Parents Gone (2010)


Why does people collect toys for children, when Santa delivers toys to children?....Well, we have to be reminded that not every child gets AS MUCH as other children, if any…And the toys donated are to help out those children have a better Christmas.


With all of Santa visits, there arechildren and parents and smiles and surprises and candies and cookies and food and…


“Well what do you want for Christmas this year?” Santa asks. And the responses come in all different answers. I want an Easy bake oven. I want a pillow pet. I want an IPOD. I want a puppy. I want a laptop…I want Legos…I want Petshops..I want Barbie’s…I want Woodie and Bullseye and Buzz and I want…I want…


….I want my daddy home, he’s a soldier. I want my children home. I want my grandchildren to be with us this year. I want peace (and quiet ;o) ). I want everyone just to be happy. I want my loved ones around me. I want to go home for Christmas this year and from the mouths of babes, a 7 year old only says, she wants her whole family all around her this year.


I want a family. What? Did I hear this correctly? Yes…I want a family for Christmas. WOW!...so what else would you like? That’s it, I just want a family. After realizing the answer was real, I had no answers to give the young boy.


And the next one…"What would you like for Christmas this year?” I want to go home. I want to be with my family"


And the next "I want a family".


And the next "I want to go home to my family"


Wait a minute. I can’t grant these wishes, I can’t promise these children these requests, I can’t even say, I will see what I can do? This is out of my hands.


What can I say that will make these young boys and girls feel better about not being at home, with a family or their family this year? There are no words, because I have never felt this feeling. I’m totally lost. I have an ache in my heart. I turn away before the next child comes to me, I catch my breath. I start again, afraid of what the answer might be for the next young child.


I go home, only to think about these children. These children who have been taken from their homes, due to violence, or drugs or reasons I don’t know about. These children who have no homes. These children that can’t go home. I can only ask why? How did this happen? Why are these children so misfortuned, why them? They have no families that will take care of them or that can take care of them. How did it get this far? How did our system get broke?


What happened to the love of mom and dad, that would always protect our children? What happened to the promises of mom and dad’s love – the love that is never lost or strayed, that the love is always there for them? What happened at home, that is so bad, that these children had to be taken away? Where is the love for these young children, that they need, they want, and they miss?


I have been blessed, once again this year because of family. Most of us have been. But while we are in the midst of cleaning and shopping and exchanging gifts and spending all our dollars on things …make sure we spend time with the most important in our life. Make sure you tell them you love them. Make sure they know.


For children in this shelter, I pray for you. I pray that your life will be better once you get back with your original family and you can make a difference in your family and you can be anything you want to be and be great at it. It is up to you and you can help your family get through these tough times.


For children in this orphanage, I pray for you. I pray that a family will be there, a good loving family will be there for you and soon. And if it doesn’t happen soon, please know..you are always in my prayers. But then, go out, and become what you want to be and be great at it.


For both, You have love – that wasn’t handed to you by God, but love that was given to you voluntarily at the orphanage and at this shelter. You have mentors that will help you become a stronger better person. You have friends that are by your side even now. You will have love to share with the world. You can go out and make a difference with your life, and touch the lives of others by your story, by your words. You can use your past, and make it into a wonderful future.


For all the children. God has blessed you in one way or the other. Be glad your family is with you. Take care of your family, They are what will make you strong, and they will help you get through any tough time that is handed down to you. MOMs and DADs – take care of your children. These are your heartstrings to carry the future. Love your children. Hug your children. Protect your children.


My prayer this year, is that God will fix our broken hearts and mend the hurt that sometimes we bring on ourselves. That God will put HIMSELF back into our family lifestyle and we all will become better human beings so that we all will WANT to take care of each other, as it should be. We all will become better at what we do and we all will have a love to share with all that we can share it with.


~~Santa and the Mrs ~~~ Dec 2010


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