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So you would think after all the years, we wouldn’t have anything anymore that could possibly touch our hearts. You would think I would be toughened up a bit, and nothing should affect our emotions. You would think that after seeing all the people, with all the smiles, laughter, friendship, and all the “feel good” feelings, nothing could still make me think of something to write about.


We start our rounds ~ Hydro Angels of Texas – what is that you say? The build-up of fluid causes pressure and swelling on the brain and can lead to severe brain damage, vision impairment or death. The condition affects people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and although there are effective treatments, there is no cure. Hydrocephalus is the number one reason for brain surgery among children. The condition can be congenital and can begin in the womb, or it can develop during adulthood. Some of the causes for adult onset can be a brain tumor, a trauma to the head or anything that obstructs the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. In the elderly, the narrowing of the spinal column can trigger Hydrocephalus. . Hydro Angels of Texas provides supports for these families that deal with Hydrocephalus. So let us meet the 9 year old girl having 11 surgeries already and many more to come throughout her life. Let us introduce ourselves to many families who have to deal with this disease within their children. Let us meet the one who introduced Hydro Angels to us and she herself is dealing with this disease.


Dear God, How can I fix this? How can I make it better? Can I really make a difference in these lives, when they have no cure for their disease? How can I make their happiness long term?


We are at the orphanage once again. To see all ages, permanent members of the orphanage. As one of the oldest siblings of a younger one, she holds onto her little baby brother; the adult in charge comes to her and tells her she cannot take her baby brother anywhere in the building without permission and proceeds to take the baby brother from her arms. Yet this is her family – this is her baby brother, why can’t she hold on to him and play with him and sit with him for just a little bit? This girl and her little brother –that’s all they have, they only have each other. No parents to keep them, no one to call mom or dad, and the girl, a young teenager, and all she wants to do is play with her little brother of 3 or 4.


God, How can I see these kids, and try to make them smile, make them happy. I know my happiness I share will only be for a moment. How can these kids be happy all the time, what can I do?


Spending time with Wounded Warriors for the third year, again you would think we are immune to anything we see; as the mom tells us all she wants is her son home safe for Christmas, we tell her we will pray for him. As the young boy of 19 or 20, in new bandages, and wires and braces from his knees and upper thighs, yes his knees and upper thighs - because he has lost both of his legs to the war. He is in his wheelchair and wheels up to Santa to get his picture taken, and I am taken back to the war which still goes on for so many wounded young ones and those families who have lost someone due to the war. It’s not over. It will never be over for these families and warriors. The young man holds a child of 2 or 3 in his lap for the picture, and new tears come to my face. He will never be able to run and chase after his child. That child will always sit with her daddy, and grow up knowing her daddy has no legs but simply will never remember why, except for what they tell her, she is so young she doesn’t even know about war.


God, how can I feel good about this? How can I continue to see these wounded and hurt over and over and feel good about myself and what I do?


God, why do I put myself through these emotions? Why do I continue to say yes to a visit? Why do I after so many of my visits do I go home and do nothing but think of whom we visited today? Why do I continue to put myself through all this? God, Why? How can I go on with this?


Mine is not to question why….Mine is but to do..


The twinkle in the child’s eyes when they open that special present that I just delivered. It’s that scream of joy, when I enter the room, a room so filled with excitement, you can hear the songs coming from the family even before I enter into their home, the child so filled with excitement they can’t even speak. To the child that is so filled with excitement when her little elf arrives at her home for the first time and is here to stay throughout the Christmas Season.


The reason is because of donations for the needy children, and everyone willing to bring something to give to someone they never even met. It’s when the parents, the grandparents and the grown children are so excited to see us they are just filled with pride and joy that just swells from their smiles and faces. When we get our pictures with their pets, their extended part of their family, when the puppy licks me in the face, and the moms and dads laugh and the child is all giggly because her puppy licked me.


It all comes from the children’s curiosity when they have to ask me “how did you know that?”


To the children that ask for something special, like a cupcake, or a cookie from Santa, and that’s all they want, to the children that give me a list of 20 or 30, knowing they won’t get it all. It’s because of the request of “I want a reindeer under my tree” or snow, knowing I couldn’t give them that item, but knowing it puts that little question in their minds about who is Santa, really?


To add to my exciting year, I get to turn on the Christmas lights in a small town, and ride into town as Cowboy Kringle on the beautiful golden Palomino horse, and all the people, young and old, screaming with excitement as I parade down Main Street.


It simply falls into place when that child runs to me and touches my beard to see if it is really real. It’s when that child runs to me and gives me a hug that is so hard and huge, that it pulls my heart out from the inside. It’s because of the child that says they still believe in magic at Christmas time and to the child that says the reason we have Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus


To the parents that always tell me “thank you” and “It wouldn’t be Christmas without you”.


It’s because of the families we see, that have made us a part of their family traditions. It’s because of a simple thought of a book of “Our Christmas’ together” that makes us do what we do.


It’s because of all of this, I still cry, I still enjoy, I still laugh, I still smile, I am still touched and I am truly blessed.


It’s because of the Joy that is given to us in return. It’s because of the love that we are given each and every year, by each and everyone that prove we make a difference in their lives


It’s because of the difference you have made in ours.


Thank You and God bless all of you!


~~~Santa and Mrs. Claus 2011~~~




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