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Santa Cause (2007)




Isn’t it all amazing how the innocence of a child can bring a tear to your eyes, or so much joy to your hearts. And at Christmas time, it seems to really sparkle its way into your souls.


The adults are scampering and spending and rushing and stressing over the Christmas season. They are decorating, eating, cooking and entertaining. And they are shopping and shopping and shopping and hoping every dollar will stretch a little further. People, young and old, every color, every size are happy and cheery ~ maybe. ..Except for that really stressed out one… but if you speak, you will break their concentration and still receive a smile. There are “Good Mornings, Good Afternoons” and “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” on the streets and in the stores. People are smiling. People are talking to others. People are friendly. There is music playing in all the stores, around the streets and offices to add joy to this Christmas season.


People get in touch with friends, write letters and send out cards just to say hello to people they haven’t spoken to in a while or to people they see every day. They are filled in on all the details of life and tell the closest friends all the little problems. They remember and try to get it all in a one page letter or a small part of the Christmas card. These people and friends on lists, knowing they will also hear back from them and this keeps them in touch with each other for another year.


The house is all decorated with baby Jesus, Santa and snowmen, and angels and candles. The lights are up. The tree is shining with sparkle and tinsel and ornaments. The excitement of children is everywhere on every street corner and in every household. The children are counting days and wondering how much longer they have to be good. And then there is Santa to visit….when are they going to see him so they can tell him what they want …so they can tell him about the gift they want…the gift of a lifetime…for this year….


The lines are long at the store to see Santa. And parents wait patiently just so their child will have a moment with that jolly fellow. How does he seem so happy all the time with all those children…oh my goodness…how does he do it?


He knows the true meaning of Christmas…and lives it all year long. Not just at Christmas. To know that the time will come, he will see Johnny or Sara and this will be the only smile they get for a while, because their daddy has passed away this year. He can’t wait to see Tammy and Bobby. You see, he knows they are really excited because they have a new baby brother in the family. He knows Billy will get his new puppy. He’s been watching and keeping an eye out on all the children. He knows what is in the hearts of all children, young and old. He knows if you are hurting, and when you whisper to him, he knows you have confided in him, and he knows he will have to go home that night and say a special prayer for you. He knows he will be talking to God - alot – to give into that special request that he knows he cannot put under any tree. From the first child to sit on Santa’s lap – to the last child of the season, there is something special about each and every one of them. They all have a special wants and needs. They all have a special curiosity to see Santa – is he a fake, or can Santa convince them once again that he really does exists and they will always know he is there. All the excitement in a child…started with Santa…all their beliefs are worthwhile…and Santa’s cause is real. To make a child believe. To make a child smile. Santa’s cause is as real as the heart is. This child, this year, will believe – it really could happen to me.


….And before you know it…its Christmas morning.


And all in one morning, one Christmas morning, parents and adults are awaken to the sounds of children laughing and playing. You can hear shrieks of happiness as they find that special gift they have been waiting on all year for. You can see the eyes light up the room and put smiles on the hearts that will forever be embedded and branded. The memories keep on building and keep on happening. And it is a happy day. And everything that they went through just days before has just disappeared. Even if there are no children in their homes today, they remember a time when there was. And those memories are lasting a lifetime. It is a wonderful feeling of calm and relaxation and joy. All that stress is lifted from hearts, if only for a little while.


No -- No thoughts of the bills today. No thoughts of work. No worries. No problems. No - not today.






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