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Special Kind of Life (2014)

I guess most of us thank God daily for the healthy beautiful children in our lives. Do we only think of that when there is a “Special” child in front of us? Or do we think of it every day.


Being Santa and being around all kinds of children, young and old, always pulls at my heart strings. Many bring so much joy to my heart, yet there are many that bring a “Special Joy” to my heart. The normal requests heard loud and clear. Then again, how do I hear the one that can’t speak, or won’t. What about the one that can’t hear my voice in their ears?


If you hold a newborn baby in your arms, and knowing the child has very little chance of living, do you hold him a little tighter? Do you just hold him so it feels like an eternity? Do you pray when you are holding him? Do you cry for everyone to see? Or do you hold in those tears so no one can see?


Many years ago, we had a 4 year old little girl going through heart surgery, after heart surgery, after heart surgery. Where is she now? Is she growing and running and playing like all the rest of the healthy children, or is she confined to indoors, small places, her bedroom? Is she in heaven, running and playing with all the children already there and in awe of the sight of her God?


With hugs and kisses all about, the best part of this job, is the memories, the heart filled with pride, the heart filled with joy, and yes, even the heart filled with sadness. If I never chose to do this, where would I be now? Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to keep going.


I keep going, because I know I am bringing a smile to someone. I know that when I leave a visit, something good came out of that visit. Maybe a laugh, a smile, a memory. I know I am here to add that moment of joy and happiness, if only for a just a fleeting moment, a moment to take their minds off of all their worries, all their pain, and stress, and to only add a memory to the family for an eternity. An eternal memory for me.


In the blink of an eye, I realize how Special our life is. Reading a bible to the children, instead of a normal Christmas story…(of course the greatest Christmas story told is in the bible)…Saying a prayer with the family before they open their gifts, saying a prayer before a gathering…Our life is Special.


God gave a special kind of heart for those families of those special kinds of children. My heart could never compare to what they may go through daily, but my heart only grows with love more every day because of them, because of other people we share with, because of you.


In the end, we are thanked more times than we often deserve. With notecards written in braille, with hand prints of the littlest ones, with reindeer hand paintings, with happiness, smiles…and always with love.


Life is amazing. Life is precious. Take care of each other. Always be kind. It’s amazing how much it comes back to you in the end. Always say a prayer. Hug. Live life with all you have. Laugh until you cry. Love with all your heart. Make a memory. Make every moment a SPECIAL kind of moment. After all, LIFE is SPECIAL.


Mcleroy 2014 - Santa and the Mrs.


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