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Yes Brittany, There is a Santa Claus (2006)


I remember so many wonderful memories about Christmas; our Church visits; visiting with the grandparents who came in for a visit; going to look at Christmas lights all over town; eating Christmas ribbon candy and having some of that soft peppermint from Papa. I can remember the smell of Christmas dinner being cooked, and know that mom had stayed up half the night to ensure it was all going to be ready in time to eat. The presents may not have been many or large in dollar amount, but we had presents it seems every year. As I look back over all those Christmas’ I have had, I can’t thank God enough for what we have had and what we have been blessed with.


But do you ever remember a Christmas without Santa Claus? Do you ever remember when times were just so hard, Christmas just wasn’t going to happen? Do you ever remember not believing any more and how all those dreams just came crashing down around you? I can’t say I don’t remember not knowing about Santa, it just seems I woke up one day and I was all grown up and just knew it was only part of a child’s imagination. I guess because we were always taught, Santa was a part of Christmas, but wasn’t the reason for Christmas. But did Santa just stop happening for me anyway? Was Santa just a figment of our imaginations as we all grow up – just something to keep the children believing?


A 7- year old Brittany called Santa’s workshop on Friday before Christmas Eve on Sunday. She spoke with Nana who answers the phone calls for Santa while he and Mrs. were busy. Brittany just wanted to know if Santa was coming by her house this Christmas. Brittany was really worried about not seeing Santa, because her grandpa just couldn’t afford it. You see her grandpa hasn’t been able to work all year. After a long conversation, we find out that it has been a rough year for them and all he was trying to do was to keep the bills paid. The children live with their grandparents, and as to where the parents are we have no idea. Grandpa got the number from one of the other places we had been, and he had only hoped Santa could speak with the girls for just a moment, at least to bring a smile to their faces. Nana did get the address and let Grandpa know, she would do what she could do.


So Santa and Mrs. receive this message. And we knew we had to make it happen. We went and bought them a Christmas dinner, we went through our "toys for tots" toys and nana and others went shopping to find more toys to fill Santa’s bag. I called on the Marines to help deliver these presents and packages to Brittany’s family and they gladly jumped in to help us.


The toys in Santa’s bag was for the twin girls of 7, an older boy of 9 (who wasn’t home at the time) and a baby of 6-8months old.


When Santa walked in the household Christmas Eve, for Brittany and her twin sister, the hope of Christmas was in their eyes. The excitement told us the hope of Christmas was not lost in “is Santa going to come see us this year?” As we put a little decorated tree up on a shelf, Grandma continued to smile. The children were full of excitement and hugs for Santa. The hope of Christmas was in grandma’s tears as we delivered the Christmas dinner to her, and the hope of Christmas was still in the children’s hearts. For it was then, they knew Santa really does exist – for all children, rich or poor. The sparkle of excitement that touched everyone in the household and grandma continually telling us, Thank you –Thank you. The twinkle in their eyes, the tears of hope, and the laughter of those children can never be paid for. But from the grandmother and in between her tears, we here “God bless You” - As she hugs our Marine, and hugs Santa, and hugs me, "God Bless you" shows this Christmas has been paid in full. All we wanted to do was bless this family in some way. To let them know not to ever doubt in the real spirit of Christmas again.


As for grandpa? We never saw him. We know he was in the house, and I only hope and pray his pride will never get in his way to ask for help again when he needs it the most.


So Yes, Brittany, Santa will be there this Christmas, and hopefully all your Christmas’ to come
And Yes - - there really is a Santa Claus!




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